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Kovács János

belsős tanácsadó

  2010-2014 (expected)
  : **PhD, Computer Science**; Awesome University (MyTown)
  *Thesis title: Deep Learning Approaches to the Self-Awesomeness
  Estimation Problem*
  : **BSc, Computer Science and Electrical Engineering**; University of
  HomeTown (HomeTown)
  *Minor: Awesomeology*
  **Your Most Recent Work Experience:**
  Short text containing the type of work done, results obtained,
  lessons learned and other remarks. Can also include lists and
  * First item
  * Item with [link](http://www.example.com). Links will work both in
  the html and pdf versions.
  **That Other Job You Had**
  Also with a short description.
  Technical Experience
  My Cool Side Project
  : For items which don't have a clear time ordering, a definition
  list can be used to have named items.
  * These items can also contain lists, but you need to mind the
  indentation levels in the markdown source.
  * Second item.
  Open Source
  : List open source contributions here, perhaps placing emphasis on
  the project names, for example the **Linux Kernel**, where you
  implemented multithreading over a long weekend, or **node.js**
  (with [link](http://nodejs.org)) which was actually totally
  your idea...
  Programming Languages
  : **first-lang:** Here, we have an itemization, where we only want
  to add descriptions to the first few items, but still want to
  mention some others together at the end. A format that works well
  here is a description list where the first few items have their
  first word emphasized, and the last item contains the final few
  emphasized terms. Notice the reasonably nice page break in the pdf
  version, which wouldn't happen if we generated the pdf via html.
  : **second-lang:** Description of your experience with second-lang,
  perhaps again including a [link] [ref], this time placing the url
  reference elsewhere in the document to reduce clutter (see source
  : **obscure-but-impressive-lang:** We both know this one's pushing
  : Basic knowledge of **C**, **x86 assembly**, **forth**, **Common Lisp**
  [ref]: https://github.com/githubuser/superlongprojectname
  Extra Section, Call it Whatever You Want
  * Human Languages:
  * English (native speaker)
  * ???
  * This is what a nested list looks like.
  * Random tidbit
  * Other sort of impressive-sounding thing you did